Connect Your Career and Your Calling

by Anita Stadler PhD on June 23, 2011

Are you a Christian business leader with a Biblical perspective on life and leadership?  I’m an executive coach who is committed to helping you connect your career and your calling.

  • When you sense that God has something important for you to accomplish through your professional role, I can be your trusted ally.
  • When you are ready to consider options for your next role as a leader, I can be your thought partner.
  • When you face complex leadership challenges, I can be your confidential sounding board.

A Unique Approach to Coaching

The coaching process I use is customized to meet your exact needs, whether you are exploring options for the future, thinking through complex business issues, or looking for clarity in the moment.  Your coaching sessions will address your professional goals in light of God’s call on your life.  Your life is unlike anyone else’s.  That is why you need an approach to coaching that honors the unique way God has worked in your life.

What This Means for You

Most executive coaches are trained to focus only on where you are today and where you want to go.  They are taught to ignore whatever has made you who you are today.  In contrast, I believe your individual development as a leader has been orchestrated through God’s intentional design over many years.  Harvesting the wisdom you have gained so far is a critical component of determining what could be next for you.

The Research Behind the Method

This approach to leadership development is grounded in over 20 years of research with Christian leaders.  It draws upon research findings from over 4,000 case studies of historical and contemporary Christian leaders who have achieved a fulfilled life.  The research behind his approach, which was conducted by Dr. Robert Clinton and others, has revealed that successful leaders progress through six predictable phases over their lifetime.  Many leaders plateau along the way and miss the greater impact that is possible in later phases.  Your journey is unique, but there are consistencies that you can leverage if you know what to expect.  The transitions between the six phases can be painful, but I can show you how to capitalize on their value.  I conducted doctoral research to test the applicability of this approach for corporate leaders who operate from a Biblical perspective.  The research findings confirmed the value of this approach, so I founded Horizon Executive Coaching to make its benefits available to Christian business leaders.

How This Approach Can Benefit You

When you understand these phases of a leader’s development and the types of events that occur in each phase, you can find the meaning in previous events in your life.  You can gain valuable perspective on what you are going through now.  You can even anticipate what kinds of things might lie ahead.  The result is reassurance of God’s hand on your life, relief that what you are experiencing is normal, and renewed confidence for the future.   Contact me if you have questions or are ready to set up a complimentary appointment.

Executive Coaching for Christian Business Leaders

by Anita Stadler PhD on June 16, 2011